The AstraBoard is a near-future concept that is possible to be achieved within the next thirty to fortyyears. It solves the problem of having to wait in ground tra c, while simultaneously giving users the opportunity to experience the joy of flight.


The process included researching in-depth existing systems and users’ needs. Once that was done initial wireframes could be sketched on paper, tested, and created in a low-fidelity gray-scale format in Adobe Illustrator. When these secondary screens were done being tested to ensure user needs were being met, the high-fidelity screens could be made and prototyped.

Final Product

The final product contains wireframes, low-fidelity, and high-fidelity screens, along with a fully functional prototype. Other deliverables include a case study, research document, style guide, and promo video for the AstraBoard.


Artboard 2_3x.png
Artboard 3_3x.png
Artboard 4_3x.png
Artboard 1_3x.png
Artboard 5_3x.png
Map with Destination_3x.png
Artboard 7_3x.png
Map Without Destination_3x.png

Watch the concept video for the AstraBoard to get a feel for how it works.

AstraBoard Concept Video