Artist Collaboration

Denver Aquarium Collectible Ticket Mockups

The aim was to collaborate with an artist to combine their artwork with a brand that matches their style. The combination then creates a unique design that promotes both the artist and the brand.

Artboard 1 copy 2.png

Natalie Swartwout


About the Artist

Natalie Swartwout creates art as a hobby. Her style is versatile, but mainly focuses on fantasy with a bright, positive, and fun feel to it. Her art is a perfect fit with the brand of the aquarium to promote this fictional event as well as herself.

The final product of this project is two mockups of tickets for the fictional endangered species exhibit event. Each ticket features an endangered species that the Aquarium houses, along with an interesting fact about that species. The full line would include more tickets (about 5-7).

Final Product
Hammerhead Shark
Back of Tickets